After 25 years of Bluetrain releases, Steve O’Sullivan is releasing his first album under the alias.

Bluetrain, which has been active since 1998, is the UK artist’s stripped-down, dub-focused alias. Save a retrospective CD compilation in 1999, the project has focused on EPs and singles. The new album, Steady Pulse, is due to arrive in September via UK label Lempuyang. Spanning nine tracks, it features collaborations with Hidden Sequence and Another Channel, as well as vocals from Prince Morella.

“I didn’t want this to be just a collection of club tracks all in the same style/tempo so the concept was pretty simple: to come up with a selection of music that covers all the styles that I love to make and to have a real sense of flow so that you could listen to it from start to finish as an album,” O’Sullivan told Resident Advisor.

He added: “So we start off with a dancehall-inspired introduction, moving onto a couple of dub house cuts and then into more familiar dub/deep techno territory before ending with a more traditional roots-style dub to close.”

Bluetrain first appeared on Lempuyang in 2021, delivering the label’s debut release with Homegrown Dubs. Over the course of Bluetrain’s 25 years, O’Sullivan has also worked with Sushitech and Future Primitive.

“Last year I released a three-album series on Sushitech, which gave me the confidence to see my music as a bit more than just straight up DJ tools,” he said. “So when Lempuyang asked for a Bluetrain album I didn’t need much persuasion to get things moving along.”

A remix EP of album cut “Chant Down” will precede the LP’s release in September. Out on August 22nd, the EP includes two Bluetrain versions and a Deadbeat remix. Listen to clips of Steady Pulse.

01. Downtown (edit)
02. Timeshifter
03. Cherry Dub
04. Chant Down (Special Edition Dub)
05. Perfect Circle 06. Bare Grills
07. Headspace
08. Ramstrad Vibing
09. Step It Up

Lempuyang will release Steady Pulse on September 5th, 2022.

Words from Resident Advisor

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