Chklte returns in fine form for Ouverture music, featuring slick work from TIJN on remix duties.

The Italian project has grown into a firm favourite within the fruity, stripped back realms of house music. Early releases from the likes of Suave and Ruven Medici established their classy aesthetic dotted between house and minimal, complimented by the silky sounds of label co-founders Carebears.

Linking with Miami-based Chklte for their fourth release, the prolific producer brings four original cuts alongside two tasteful remixes from TIJN and Carebears. Chklte’s movements have caught the ear of many within the less is more corners of club music. His stunning work for We R The Aliens featured last year, showcasing his taste for silky, feel good energies wrapped in elegant rhythms best heard through a crisp sound system.

Stretching this global curation over to the UK, Newcastle based TIJN brings his buoyant flavours in the premiered remix. Quietly chipping away at his craft, the sleek sounds of TIJN have become a frequent face across numerous minimalist circuits. On top of a prolific Bandcamp output, the UK-born artist is behind a number of well regarded imprints, including The Wizards Sleeve, In Haus Wax, Deep Edition Recordings & the self-titled, TIJN, plus various unnamed projects.

The sound of extensive experience and comfortability comes through in ‘Hypnophonic’. Warm, dubby atmospheres form over a subtle bassline that feels like it could loop for hours. It’s the sign of a producer in fine form, layering twinkly hi-hats and snappy claps over bass notes with a delightfully natural charm.

Energies dive into a deeper section during a craft breakdown, splitting rhythms into a moreish breakbeat and exploring pensive chords washing overhead. Maintaining a subtle theme throughout, sounds unfold with a gentle yet hypnotic presence. The seven minute duration is over in an instant, nodding towards the hazey state of the after-hours, whilst packing enough punch to rock a peak time dance floor.

Chklte walks down a more experimental route than much of his previous work, exploring an ominous direction in ‘Different Trenches’, whilst ‘Shortbread’ and ‘Hypnophonic’ bring hopeful excursions lathered with the same degree of audiophile level sound design.

Wrapping up the release with their signature sleaze, Carebears throw a bucket of infectious energy at ‘Shortbread’, shaping the unique cut into a dubby, dance-floor ready bomb.

Words from Trommel

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